About me

I was born in Oshkosh in 1973 and grew up there.  I began studying martial arts at a young age, starting with judo at the age of six . I also studied tiger claw kung fu and tai chi. In 1992 I graduated from Oshkosh North High School and shortly after I moved to Denver, where I became a professional musician. I played bass guitar and was part of the live music scene for the next ten years. After years of strenuous playing I got tendinitis in my arm and went to a massage therapist for the first time. I was amazed that massage helped me avoid having surgery and overcome my injury. When I moved back to Wisconsin I was out of shape and had a bad curvature in my back. I had leaned my mother was ill and I started working out to cope with the stress. I corrected my back problem with a daily work out routine and became interested in healing.

I studied at Blue Sky School of Massage. My focus here was on energy healing as well as massage. I learned reiki, polarity, lomi lomi, and cranialsacral therapy. I am extremity  strong and am great at deep tissue work . Today I am pain free. I get help by going to a chiropractor weekly and getting massages as often as I can.